As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, I want to reassure you that our priorities remain the same, the safety and health of the people we support, as well as all our employees.

It takes each and every one of us to limit and contain the spread of COVID19, which can have serious effects on your loved one, others they share programs with, our staff and your family.

We have decided to temporarily pause family visits to your home as well as visits at the IRA.  Each family has their own unique situation; therefore, mangers will be reaching out to you to discuss your loved ones situation.

We made this decision due to the rapid community spread of COVID19.  Many of our locations are in the 5%-11% positive rate of COVID19.   It’s important to protect your loved one, you and our employees.

Please know that we have made this decision with the best interest of all involved.

Guidance continues to change almost daily between NYS, County and OPWDD.

Community Services for Every1 continues to monitor COVID-19 exposure and our region’s numbers of positive cases and hospitalizations. We have been operating in a proactive manner with a range or precautionary measures since early spring. As there have been recent spikes in positive cases in our Western New York region, please remain advised that progression, pause or reversal of our phases of program opening/operations and protocols will be determined by our team, based on continual monitoring and regulatory guidance.

Please visit our website at www.csevery1.com and click on the RED COVID19 Information button for latest guidance.  Please also utilize our COVID19 designated mailbox for questions at COVID19@csevery1.com or call 716-883-8888, EXT 707.