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About Community Services for Every 1

Providing Person-Centered Services Since 1989

Community Services was founded by Mark Foley and began offering services in Western New York in 1989. At that time, there were 50 employees, many of whom were part-time, working out of a rented storefront on Hertel Avenue.

Nearly 30 years later, Community Services now has a staff of 900 and offers more than 40 programs. The Agency’s administrative offices are strategically located throughout Erie County with offices in Buffalo, Lackawanna, Kenmore and North Tonawanda. In addition, Community Services provides residential housing in neighborhoods throughout Western New York.

While the Agency has grown significantly over the years, its commitment to providing person-centered, customized services remains the same. The Agency is recognized by many throughout the field for their ability to support those who need it, despite challenges or previous circumstances.

Looking Towards the Future

“I think we’re really lucky in that Community Services is well-positioned and we are very prepared for the future because we already serve such a diverse clientele and because we don’t say no to serving anybody: we’ll find a way to serve their needs.” President and CEO Mindy Cervoni