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Sharing a passion for gardening

Gardening is a passion and skill for both Calvin and Deb, two of our
Pre-Vocational DSPs, that they have shared with everyone in the program.

Calvin and Deb have spent months working with people we support in Community Pre-Voc to plan out an indoor garden wall. The purpose of this indoor garden wall is to not only help teach people about horticulture and gardening practices, but also for it to be used for The Statler Foundation Culinary Arts Suite by planting, and eventually utilizing, various types of herbs.

In preparation for this, they both worked on teaching horticulture and gardening within their programs. Each Pre-Voc program has started their own personal indoor gardens to help teach people about the various ways to care for plants, flowers and herbs, the type of surroundings each needs, and various “foods” they may require. This is especially helpful when assisting people we support in deciding their areas of interest in the workforce but it is also teaching skills that everyone can do in their everyday lives at home and with family and friends.

We couldn’t be more thankful to Calvin and Deb for turning a very unusual time in our world into a fun, new and functional learning experience at Jefferson. Their creativity and passion has really shined through while creating this project!

DSP Deb stands in front of the indoor garden wall at our Jefferson Career Center.
One of our Community Pre-Voc groups shows off the new garden bed they planted outside
Calvin poses with one of the plants he helped introduce to Community Pre-Voc.