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Recognizing our Nurses!

Although Nurses’ Week was observed earlier this month, we are grateful for our Nursing Team all year round! Our Nursing Team is incredible, especially with how they’ve handled the additional challenges brought on by the pandemic.

They are always willing to chip in and help one another out as well as other departments. They volunteer to teach the med class, pick-up additional sites or just help with general support and triage.

Throughout the pandemic, they were monitoring the status of the individuals they support, providing in person check-ups for positive cases, and helping to cover vacancies. They have volunteered to not only give vaccines at our clinics but also to monitor those post-vaccine during the clinics.

Director of Clinical Services Michelle Rechin said, “I have sheer gratitude for everything they do day in and day out, as well as how they’ve helped us through this pandemic by being leaders, role models and caring for everyone’s overall well-being.”

Thank you to our amazing Nursing Team for your hard work and your dedication to keeping those we support safe and healthy!

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