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Quality pay for quality care

Our industry is in crisis. Many businesses have experienced firsthand the shortage of workers in today’s economy; however, when we are short staffed, the disabled community suffers tremendously. Our current employees are putting in extra hours and fighting to make ends meet. And while it is heroic and necessary, it shouldn’t be. This is where mistakes can happen and crisis begins.

On May 24, Community Services for Every1 joined its Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY) peers to sound the alarm to New York State. We are no longer asking for funds, we are demanding a living wage that is just and equal to the work that is required. Our industry has not seen a fair adjustment in over a decade, all while legislators fight for a higher wage for fast food workers – a wage higher than what they allocate for our direct support professionals. It’s discriminatory and unjust.

This crisis isn’t going away without the State’s intervention. Until we see change, this movement is only the beginning. We ask our friends, followers, and supporters to join us in sounding the alarm. We are in crisis. Please help us! Call on the Governor and ask your State Representatives for a 35% increase for direct support professionals. We need to start providing quality pay for quality care!

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