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Proud of getting her first job

Samantha felt a sense of pride and excitement when she recently obtained and started her first job.

Samantha has been employed at KeyBank Center through Pegula Sports & Entertainment (PSE) since September. She is responsible for helping clean the arena after events. Samantha enjoys working the day shift and has learned many new things while working, such as keeping a schedule, using the public transportation route to get to and from work, keeping herself safe by wearing gloves while she cleans, and navigating her way through KeyBank Center.

Samantha says that having a job requires her to be responsible, to work hard and to learn to manage her time. She has grown in independence, as she is now earning her own money. Samantha has also made a lot of new friends at her job.

Thanks to our partners at Pegula Sports Entertainment and the KeyBank Center for creating a great work environment!