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Prenatal class helps prepare expectant mothers

Last month, Community Services began offering prenatal classes thanks to the support of a mini-grant. The goal of these classes is to keep families together, support the mother and baby in a healthy pregnancy, help and empower families in decision making, and to educate and prepare parents for a new baby.

The classes take place at the Jefferson Career Exploration Center and are facilitated by Angel Kulczyk, a certified doula. Topics covered in the classes include how to create a birth plan, car seat safety, healthy relationships, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and more techniques to help expectant mothers.

Jaime, a class participant, is a first-time mom expecting a baby girl in August. She said the prenatal classes have helped her to prepare and get the supplies she needs. She is looking forward to welcoming the new baby.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “My family is throwing me a shower next month and they’re really excited.”

 We are thrilled to be able to provide a program like this to help families.