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Making strides toward independence

At Community Services, our number one goal is making dreams come true for the people we support and helping them become independent.

Mary Ann has been working toward her goals with us for many years, and recently, she achieved two huge milestones!

“I got a job at Delta Sonic! Most of you know I was told I’d never be able to work or even live on my own. My struggles were so bad I didn’t even think I could do it,” she said.

Mary Ann worked hard to overcome challenges and is so excited to be working at her first job. She said she loves working at Delta Sonic. She works there three days a week and some of her responsibilities include helping to wipe down the cars after they go through the car wash.

Not only did she start a new job, but Mary Ann also moved into her first apartment! She said she enjoys being able to be on her own and do things for herself.

“If this agency didn’t exist, none of this would be possible,” Mary Ann said.

While we are thrilled to have helped Mary Ann achieve her dreams, she succeeded because of her hard work and effort. We are so proud of everything that Mary Ann has accomplished and grateful that she shared her story with us!

“I am where I need to be thanks to you all,” Mary Ann said. “I learn a lot down the line from you all, like not to use my disabilities as an excuse. It does not define me. I have an ability not a disability!”

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