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Leadership: Interview with Jessica Robinson

Leadership at Community Services for Every1

As an organization, we always want to celebrate our differences and embrace the rich history we all bring to our jobs. We are fortunate to have a diverse work group that contributes to our agency’s mission and vision each day. As we celebrate Black History Month and the accomplishments of historic leaders, we recognize a new generation of leaders right here at our Agency. Read below to learn about Jessica’s journey at Community Services and her words of wisdom for the next generation of Human Services professionals.

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Jessica Robinson has been with Community Services for Every1 for 15 years and will celebrate her 16th anniversary in April 2021! During her time with the agency, she has advanced through various positions and has grown into a valued leader. She is currently the Director of Employment and Day Services. She took some time to answer our questions regarding her leadership role at Community Services for Every1.

Where did it all begin?
Jessica shares that she started as a Relief DSP in the Day Habilitation program during her college years. Jessica said that upon graduation she wasn’t sure where life would take her, however, she knew that she loved what she was already doing. After she finished her degree she was given the opportunity to take on a role in management. Each step along the way she embraced the opportunity to learn and was afforded the opportunity to grow. She shares that she now has the privilege of leading the most amazing team that supports the most amazing people she knows.

What do you like about the agency?
Jessica stated that she likes that we are allowed to be ourselves and embrace the diverse strengths that we each bring to the table. She stated that she works alongside people that are so different however shares a common goal of bringing joy and positivity to other’s lives. Each person’s unique talent is what creates the “total package”. She stated that overall she is just so grateful to be a part of her team.

What advice do you have for an employee just starting at the agency?
Jessica shares that when you are asked to assist with a task that is outside of the scope of what you believe you were hired to do, never think, “That’s not my job!” Take this as a compliment, and think to yourself, “Someone sees something in me and trusts me enough to ask for my help.” Use this as an opportunity to learn new things and soak in as much as you can. What better way to set yourself up for future success.

“Each person’s unique talent is what creates the ‘total package'”