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Leadership: Interview with Cheryl Houston

Leadership at Community Services for Every1

As an organization, we always want to celebrate our differences and embrace the rich history we all bring to our jobs. We are fortunate to have a diverse work group that contributes to our agency’s mission and vision each day. As we celebrate Black History Month and the accomplishments of historic leaders, we recognize a new generation of leaders right here at our Agency. Read below to learn about Jessica’s journey at Community Services and her words of wisdom for the next generation of Human Services professionals.

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Cheryl Houston has been with Community Services for Every1 for almost 20 years! During her time with the agency, she has held various positions and advanced through leadership. She is currently the Program Coordinator for Community Based Programs. She took some time to answer our questions regarding her leadership role at Community Services for Every1.

Where did it all begin?
Cheryl shares that her journey at Community Services began back in 2001 when she started her career as a Direct Support Professional. Working as a DSP helped her discover the true meaning of patience, kindness, and acceptance. Cheryl stated that she was fortunate to have a few great leaders take her under their wings and offer guidance and mentoring. They helped her tap into her own leadership skills. These very leaders helped her to “dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.” Eventually, she was promoted to Program Manager in 2008. She shares that at times being a Program Manager was a real challenge but it helped humble her and taught her to be open to change.

In 2016 she was promoted to Program Coordinator. Since her time as a Coordinator, she has learned that failure is a part of the growth in order to be successful in her role. Being in a leadership position has helped her expand her skills by having the opportunity to create, oversee, and maintain programs. Over the past 4 years in her role as PC, she has shared that she is happy and very satisfied in her position; she is very appreciative of the opportunity that Community Services has given her.

What do you like about the agency?
Cheryl shares that she loves the fact that the Agency provides learning and growth opportunities for all employees!

What advice do you have for an employee just starting at the agency?
Cheryl advised that incoming employees should take full advantage of all training and growth opportunities such as Ladder to Leadership. These opportunities could provide you with the necessary skills to become proficient in your role.

“Dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.”