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Leadership: Interview with Brandon Sumpter

Leadership at Community Services for Every1

As an organization, we always want to celebrate our differences and embrace the rich history we all bring to our jobs. We are fortunate to have a diverse work group that contributes to our agency’s mission and vision each day. As we celebrate Black History Month and the accomplishments of historic leaders, we recognize a new generation of leaders right here at our Agency. Read below to learn about Brandon’s journey at Community Services and his words of wisdom for the next generation of Human Services professionals.

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Brandon Sumpter has been with Community Services for Every1 for a little over 15 years. During his time with the agency, he has advanced and grown into a true leader. He currently supervises one of our Buffalo IRAs and has been in his role as Site Manager for about 4 years. He took some time to answer our questions regarding his leadership role at Community Services for Every1.

Where did it all begin?
Brandon shares that he started as a Relief Direct Support Professional at one of our Kenmore homes, and then moved on to be a Relief DSP at another northtowns site. After some time passed he decided to make the commitment and become a full-time DSP at one of our Buffalo residences. During his time there he learned a lot and eventually had the opportunity to be promoted to LEAD DSP, also known as Assistant Site Manager. Brandon then advanced into the Site Manager position and has been the site manager for 4 years now.

What do you like about the agency?
Brandon says that he values the fact that he was given an opportunity to be a Site Manager. He shares that he appreciates that he has been given the chance to be in charge of an IRA (Individual Residential Alternatives) and team. He loves that he can strongly lead his team and they all create positive results at the end of the day. He always gives 100% and loves to see things through to the end.

What advice do you have for an employee just starting at the agency?
Brandon says his advice would be to help create a team-like atmosphere between all co-workers. From DSP up to members of management. As a leader, Brandon shares that it is important to show you are willing to do all the tasks you ask your team to do. Don’t expect your team to do tasks that you would not be willing to accomplish yourself. No matter your position you all make up a team. Brandon encourages employees to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and play on those to accomplish various tasks whenever possible.


“Create a team-like atmosphere between all co-workers.”