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Community Hab staying active and healthy

Our Community Habilitation Team is working with folks to come up with safe activities to promote active and healthy lifestyles. They have tried new recipes, putting a healthy spin on some favorite restaurant dishes, such as mock Subway sandwiches and protein pasta. Our team has also encouraged people to go on walks and visit some favorite outdoor spots such as West Falls, Canalside and the Outer Harbor. The Community Hab Team is also continuing to celebrate birthdays in a special way. Thank you to our team for coming up with creative, fun and healthy ways to stay engaged during the pandemic!

A woman we support displays the pasta she made
A woman we support holds up the gift she received for her birthday
A man we support gives the thumbs up on a healthy sub he helped make
A man we support and a DSP take a walk on a local trail
A woman we support relaxes in one of the chairs at Canalside