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Working and Planning
Making Employment Possible For Those We Serve

Working and Planning


Our goal is to provide supports to people of all abilities where they live, in their neighborhood, within their culture, and utilizing natural supports. Read more about our Day Services, Employment programs, and Planning services below.

  • Learn more about the types of Working and Planning Services we provide.

  • Supported Employment

    Community Services for Every1 recognizes that a job is so much more than a paycheck. It is about learning new skills and being part of a community. We would like every person who wants a job to have the opportunity to be able to reach that goal. Our Supported Employment Program offers a wide range of opportunities to meet the needs of every skill level and provides a path to independence through the pride of earning a living for a job well done. You can find out more by calling (716) 883-8002.

    Do You Dream Of Having A Real Job?

    Job Developers assist you in finding a job that is the right match for your skills and your dreams. The Job Developer accompanies you to job interviews, helps you fill out applications and serves as your personal advocate. Once you are hired, a Job Coach provides you with direct support by offering intensive, on-the-job training. The Job Coach will work alongside you until a satisfactory work level is achieved and maintained. Then, the Job Coach will provide follow-along services to you – as needed – until you are completely comfortable and successful in your employment.

    Supported Employment also links local business needs with our qualified and dependable workers; saving business owners money by reducing turnover and limiting the time and costs associated with training and retention. Additional employment opportunities exist through the Mobile Work Crew program. Our Mobile Work Crews are contracted by area businesses to perform a variety of services in the community in corporate, outdoor, and industrial settings.

    Vocational Experiences

    We can design internships, offer vocational training, and assist with career exploration to prepare you for a successful work experience. Students and others can benefit from developing personal interests and gaining the skills necessary to become successfully employed.

  • The Community Habilitation Program supports people that live on their own in the community. These supports may be to help the person build the skills necessary to maintain their own home, learn how to shop, or pay bills, as well as, build the community connections they feel are necessary to live the quality life they desire.

    Support Staff in this program provide these supports in the person’s home and in their community; focusing on abilities and building skills to meet their personal goals

    • Community Habilitation may be provided to people who reside within an IRA certified by OPWDD.
    • These supports will enhance the services being provided within the IRA by focusing more on community inclusion not at the IRA
    • An exciting way to build your community resources and the supports needed to live in your own apartment, if desired.
    • Supports must begin prior to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Services may not be provided on the weekend
    • Day Habilitation Programming that starts any time after 3pm.
    • Focuses on all the same parameters as Community Based Groups
    • Program has to begin prior to 3pm.
    • Program focuses on person centered goals and dreams of participants
    • Group supports participants through advocacy, explorative education and mentorship
    • Volunteerism, community integration and social capital are encouraged

    “If you can Believe it, you can Achieve it!!”

    • The motto for IRE is that “life doesn’t end after 60 years old!”
    • It is a Community Based program that is location at different community sites
    • Currently we have two community sites, Tosh Collins and Salvation Army
    • Program focuses on leisure activities while also assisting people in maintaining skills while in retirement
    • Program also supports all Seniors in becoming more involved within the community through community trips and volunteerism
  • Fill in the Gap Transportation Program is designed to assist those who have limited access to transportation; evenings, weekends and holidays.

    To qualify: Must be

    OPWDD eligible
    Live with family
    Have no other transportation options.
    **For those who live in rural areas where transportation is generally limited, this program is also available during daytime hours.

  • Support Staff employed in this program work with the person and their family to assess their needs, explore options, and develop plans to assist in the maintenance and acquisition of independent living skills.

    *To be eligible for this support you must reside with a family member.

  • The Budgeting Program offers representative payee services to those living in the community that require assistance with paying their bills, managing their funds, and maintaining their benefits.

    Support Staff in this program provide a variety of supports including trainings and hands on help to aid the person in understanding their finances, in hopes of one day managing their funds on their own.

  • This is an after-hours telephone support hotline for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

    • The hotline is available 4:30 pm- 9:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and between 12:00 p.m.- 5 p.m. Saturday/Sunday.
    • The program provides individualized telephone supports such as; medication reminders, answering questions about their services, addressing general parental concerns associated with raising a child with special needs, and assisting with a crisis in the home.
  • SDS offers a wide variety of self-directed services.

    The person and their Circle of Support determine what resources the person needs

    • i.e.…Community Habilitation, Supported Employment, Day services
    • They are Involved in hiring and ongoing supervision of staff
    • They manage their resources and are involved in making changes as their needs change.

    This service is designed to promote independence and confidence; supporting people to be in the driver’s seat in determining the course for their life.