Community Services for Every1

Our Mission
Providing Person-Centered Services, Helping People Live the Life of Their Dreams

Our Mission

Mission of Community Services for Every1

We partner with individuals of all abilities to reach their fullest potential, protecting their rights and promoting their independence and inclusion in our community.


Image of Mindy Cervoni, President and CEO of Community Services for Every1

Mindy Cervoni President & CEO

Our Beginning: In December 1989, a new agency was launched in WNY as a support for people who had a developmental disability and who lived out in the community and/or wanted to live as independently as possible.  Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled was founded by Mark R. Foley and a team of 50 staff members out of a storefront building on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

Our Specialty: Stepping in to fill crucial community & individual needs was the agency’s hallmark from the outset.  Community Services pioneered the first domestic violence shelter for people with developmental disabilities in the nation.  Community Services also developed specialized services and programs for people struggling with intense life issues such as homelessness, co-occuring mental illness, substance abuse or involvement in the criminal justice system.

Almost 30 years of Growth: The agency’s growth over the years has been remarkable.  Besides becoming one of the largest providers of Community Habilitation in WNY, Community Services developed and operates 42 small housing residences (IRAs) and 142 affordable housing units.  The agency also provides a wide variety of Habilitation, Vocational, Respite and Behavioral Services.  We help families, youth and adults from inner-city areas to small towns, with limited access to services, find supports to meet their needs and go after their dreams.

Over the last 5 years

In 2015: Mark R. Foley, our Founder, President & CEO retired and was succeeded by Mindy Cervoni.  Mindy, as is the case with most of our Senior Management Team, has had a dedicated career at Community Services.  She joined the agency in 2001 and moved up through a variety of positions.

In 2017:  We received our first federal grant from the Department of Justice, Office on Violence against Women, to partner with the Family Justice Center in improving access to domestic violence supports for people with disabilities. We also opened our innovative Jefferson Career Exploration Center, with the help of many community partners, to support people with disabilities learning pre-vocational and work skills.

In 2018: The agency evolved from its original name and mission statement.  Community Services for Every1 eliminated the labeling of people who receive supports from the agency and also recognized our expanding mission to support people with various life needs in community integrated settings.  In 2018, we also opened our newest 32-unit independent living apartment complex at Ridgeway Commons in Lackawanna, NY.  Community Services now provides supports to 1,600 people in 7 counties across WNY and employs 900 staff members.

In 2019:  We will celebrate our 30th anniversary!