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Housing Options

Housing Options


Ridgeway Commons

Our newest project, Ridgeway Commons, opened this spring and provides affordable housing for families and individuals. Learn more about our Ridgeway Commons project by clicking here.


Variety, choices, options…our goal is to customize your living situation to meet your needs. Our residences are inviting, comfortable homes that range from independent living options to houses with 24 hour staff assistance. Whatever your dream is, we can help you reach it.

For more information, contact our Residential Placement Specialist at (716) 883-8002.

Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs)

IRAs are houses located throughout the Western New York community which offer you a variety of different living options. These homes are designed to integrate you into the community of your choice. Living in an IRA can help prepare you for independent living.

Group-Style IRAs

These unique homes have 24-hour on-site staff support. Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom while building relationships and sharing community spaces with other residents. Most are located within walking distance to public transportation, restaurants and recreational activities. All of our houses have access to a site van and many are wheelchair accessible, providing mobility for you to explore and engage in your community.

Apartment-style IRAs

Dreaming of your own apartment complete with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath? Apartment-style IRAs have two levels of on-site staff supervision. You can apply for a supported or a supervised setting, depending on your requirements and preferences. In a supported setting you will have day staff on site but no overnight staffing. If you require a supervised option, we provide staff 24/7. Some apartments have two bedrooms, allowing you the opportunity to have a spare room to use however you choose. Most apartments are in neighborhood settings that are within walking distance to public transportation, restaurants and recreational activities.

Emergency/Transitional Housing

Our Emergency Residence provides temporary housing to individuals with developmental disabilities who are in need of a place to live. Each resident receives a private bedroom and shares community space. This location is within walking distance to public transportation. Our team will assist you in gaining the skills necessary to live as independently as you choose. There is a maximum of a 135 day stay however during that time our team will work with you and circle of support to secure permanent housing.

Transitional Residence

Our Transitional Residence for people with developmental disabilities helps those who are homeless. The unique home offers both a supervised, group-style setting and two supervised apartments. Our team will assist you in gaining the skills necessary to avoid the cycle of homelessness. There is a maximum of a two year stay however during that time our team will work with you to formulate a person-centered plan based on your needs. We will do our best to ensure you are ready for long-term stability and success.

Safe House

Safe…that is what you will be in the only shelter in New York State specifically designed for those with developmental disabilities who are victims of domestic violence, crimes and/or abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, including neglect and theft of funds. The Safe House provides confidential shelter for you and your dependent children. Our goal is to actively assist you while you transition into a safe and permanent home. Placement is also available for people living in an unsafe or high-risk environment.

Affordable Housing

Community Services offers a variety of low-income Rental Apartments to individuals of any ability. Amenities include a private bath, bedroom, kitchen and living room. There are also on-site laundry facilities and other options in some of the apartments. Apartments are located on major bus routes, making travel easy. Rent includes most utilities. For more information, call Building and Property Management at (716) 447-9999.